We’ve committed to creating remarkable buildings and infrastructure through our innovative solutions. We provide a wide range of benefits from privacy and weather protection to energy efficiency, natural airflow, and smoke ventilation. Connect with us to explore customization options for projects and large requirements.

Facade adds more class to the buildings and the distinctive designs are quite perplexing that elevates the aura of over front of the building. We at Martin’s offers distinctive range of facades that are quite imposing and durable.

Perks Of Ventilated Facade

Ventilated facade prevents the heat that buildings absorb in hot weather conditions due to partial reflection of solar radiation by the covering. And the ventilated air gap and to the application of insulating material. Thus achieving a considerable reduction in the costs of air conditioning.

Ventilated walls are most in-demand and also getting the recognition in the worldwide of contemporary architecture. Permitting free interpretation of facades in a modern and staggering style the perfect answer to demanding project and performance requirements.

Ventilated facades are a complex, multi-layer structural solution that enables the “dry” installation of the covering elements.


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