Facade Manufacturing Company In Ludhiana

Facade Manufacturing company in Ludhiana – The right building façade or cladding can completely alter the appearance of a seemingly ordinary building to a masterpiece. No wonder facade materials feature in the favorite lists of all Architects. From being conventional, contemporary, to be traditional, artistic. Architects literally play around with the façade to bring about an extraordinary look to the building. And if you are probing for the best Facade Manufacturing company in Ludhiana then Martin’s Furniture stands at the top.

Facade Manufacturing Company In Ludhiana

A building façade system in most cases refers to one side i.e. the front side of a building structure. It is one of the most integral pieces of the overall design of the structure. As it adds a unique personality and character to it. Facades empower the architects to literally play around and bring to life an extraordinary look to the building structure. We at Martin’s Furniture manufactures all sorts of ravishing facade styles that look fascinating. As we are the top facade manufacturing company in Ludhiana.

Types of facades for buildings

Below, we explain the different types of facades or exterior walls. Currently used in architecture, as well as the characteristics of each of them.

  • Prefabricated – This type of facade is formed mainly of prefabricated modules that are joined together or assembled on-site. The components of these facades are manufactured industrially in highly mechanized plants, and they often use wood and concrete panels.
  • Lightweight facade – This is a type of facade that adheres to the resistant structure of the building. But does not form part of it. Since it does not contribute to the stability of the building, the lightweight facade needs to be designed.
    To support the loads that place stress on its components. The materials that are normally used for cladding include glass and metal.
  • Heavyweight facade – This type of facade tends to be made up of construction materials of considerable weight. For a facade to be considered heavyweight, the average weight. Including the solid and hollow elements must be above 100kg per square meter.
  • Traditional – This classification includes facades that use traditional construction materials such as brick, stone, wood, ceramics, rendering, etc. The benefits are that they are less complex to build, quick to install and have a low cost.
  • ETI Systems – ETI (External Thermal Insulation) systems consist of installing plates of insulation material all around the building. That is protected by mortar and adhered to or mechanically fixed to the supporting wall. The system is then finished off with a cladding or finish that suits the aesthetics of the property.
  • Rainscreen cladding – A rain-screen cladding or ventilated facade system is made up of a load-bearing wall, insulation layer. And the cladding material, which is fixed to the building using a supporting structure.

Advantages Of A Building Facade System

Of course, the facade offers ample perks. This is why the demand for facade is rising with increasing infrastructure buildup. Not only it looks s highly classy but also offers many benefits, some of which are mentioned below.

Light Penetration And Filtration

Façade is often called the external skin of the building. And the protection provided by the external skin ensures natural ventilation. A building façade ensures the occupant’s comfort isn’t lost or compromised. While giving a whole lot of value to the design and aesthetic factors.

Improved Energy Efficiency

By smartly linking the exterior to the interiors of the building. A façade controls light penetration or filtration, regulates heat, minimizes solar gain; all this, in turn, leads to more energy-efficient buildings

Protection Aspect

High wind speeds connected with severe storms are the commonly recognized risk to the building skin. A façade system shields against the damage resulting from high winds. And rains and even protects against extreme temperatures and humidity

Noise Control

External noises like construction activities, rail, traffic, aircraft, etc. can be quite disturbing for the building occupants. A building façade can control the noise impact on the surrounding area of the building.

Why Choose Martin’s Furniture?

Going with Martin’s Furniture as best Facade Manufacturing company in Ludhiana leads you to the fascinating style and designs of facades along with superlative quality like never before. With the lavish facade, usage turns the gaze of the entire building awe-struck.

And the major aspect is the quality concerns at which we at MArtin’s Furniture are the best in the industry to provide you the superior material of facade. Some of the perks you will experience with us are as follows:

  • A team of professional manufacturers.
  • Best quality and durability.
  • A number of facade designs.
  • We have a strong network.
  • Affordable services

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