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Modern seating solutions:
1) Ottoman
2) Lounge Chairs
3) Dining Chairs

4) Sofas Fabric Sofas

Before the foot stool appeared in European homes in the early 1800s, who knows where people used to put their feet. Thankfully, the foot stool gained a foot hold in homes rapidly and morphed into the ottoman we know today. The modern ottoman and leather ottoman, along with fabric ottoman chairs, not only provide visitors and family members with an upholstered seat where they can rest their weary feet, but also offer additional seating during a party or holiday gathering.

Also known as a tuffet (now you know what Little Miss Muffett was sitting on), the ottoman bench offers homeowners many choices in arranging the furnishings in their home. Whether they're placed at the end of a chair or recliner or in the center of a sofa grouping, this modern stool will add beauty and versatility to your living room furniture.

• Many leather chairs and fabric chairs are designed to have their own ottomans that have a complementary or similar design. When this is the case, it's best to purchase them together at the same time so the dye lots on the fabric match.
• When considering your options for living room furniture, be sure to build in enough open space around the ottoman bench or chair and ottoman to allow the designer ottoman to be moved away from the chair without tripping passersby.
• A leather chair looks best with a leather ottoman. The same is true with a fabric chair and ottoman. Whenever possible, mix colors instead of fabrics on pieces that are near one another in a room.
One of the classic chair and ottoman sets is the Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman. But be careful. There are a lot of cheap knock offs on the market of this design and you will definitely notice the difference quickly if you go with a discount store imitation.

In stark contrast to traditional furnishings, modern lounge chairs, chaise lounges, Bedroom Chaise Lounges and office chairs come in an almost endless array of innovative designs and styles. Here are some basic tips when shopping for lounge chairs:
• Even the most famous pieces, such as the Barcelona chair, Eames chair or Marshmallow sofa come in a range of colors and fabrics.Be sure to ask for the color and fabric options before you order.
• While most modern lounge chairs, chaise lounges,leather office chairs and bedroom chaise lounge chairs go well with one another,you may want to go with designs from a specific designer, too, such as Le Corbusier or Eileen Gray.
• Many pieces are interchangeable in the spaces you have available. For example, a Bedroom Chaise Lounge may also work well in a living room as a lounge chair or chaise lounge. Function over form is the mantra here.Often you can disregard the category assigned to an actual piece of furniture you like and go with your instincts.

One of the most pleasant surprises about modern chairs, particularly dining room chairs and side chairs, is their amazing comfort. While traditional furnishings often emphasize design over comfort, dining chairs purpose is just the opposite. It's all about comfort. After all, what other purpose should chairs serve besides offering you a pleasant seating experience.

• The choice is yours and yours alone. Here are some general guidelines to help you determine your own seating preferences:
• When selecting dining room furniture, be sure to select your dining room table first, then your chairs. The table will determine how much space you have for seating, influencing the dining chairs you select.
• If selecting fabric chairs for your dining room, make sure they are finished with a stain resistant application to prevent stains from ruining your new dining room chairs.

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A Sofa clearly reflects your sense of style, personal taste and is perfectly scaled to the space you have so it doesn’t overwhelm or underwhelm, congratulations! You’ve managed to pull off a modern miracle. Perhaps no other piece of furniture defines a living area as much as a sofa. It’s one of the first things guests see as they enter your home