Bedroom Furniture

Slip off to sleep in a bedroom furniture set that is both comfortable and stylish with our selection of furniture for the modern bedroom.
Delight in master bedroom furniture and bedroom furniture sets for your other bedrooms; all top quality and timelessly fashionable. Bedroom furniture & furnishings from MartinsFurniture will cradle you to sleep.
Sleep in sublime comfort
Bedroom Furniture designed to add Modern Style to Your Bedroom.
We have fantastic selections of quality Bedroom Furniture including night tables, bed, platform bed, Wardrobe, stools and dressers.
One of the great things about today’s bedrooms is that they are bigger than they used to be. Now you cannot only fit in a queen- or king-sized mattress, but a nightstand or two as well.
As you know, a nightstand is an essential part of any bedroom décor. It allows you to enjoy a quiet evening of reading under a night lamp or watch TV and never have to search for the remote the next day. When you’re through unwinding doing whatever you do to unwind, you simply drop everything onto the top of your bedroom nightstand or slip things into the nightstand drawer.
No need to remember where you left your glasses or the remote as you toss and turn in the night and things go flying everywhere. And no need for your friend to see that torrid romance that is your secret pleasure when they visit. Slip it into the nightstand drawer and voila! – your secret is safe

What Sets us apart from other bedroom companies is:
• Excellent bed finishes and quality, along with sturdy, solid construction.
• Contour bed designs with unique functions.
• Enjoy a 30 day return policy, money back guaranteed!
• These are the best prices along with the quality of the beds!
• We have the platform beds you are looking for.
Our beds are excellent for large homes, apartments and even small studios.
Just choose the platform bed that best fits your needs

We carry a wide selection of quality Bedroom Furniture including night tables, bed, platform bed, Wardrobe, stools and dressers.
A place for everything and everything in its place when you have sufficient space, that is. Sure, you could use the floor for storing your expensive clothing. But then you have to worry about dust and dander and all the other stuff that becomes fodder for Discovery Channel documentaries. Better to keep your top quality clothes in a top quality bedroom dresser, where everything stays clean, crisp and wrinkle free. Our gorgeous line of bedroom dressers is up to the task. Finely crafted and super stylish, they will make a good home for all your fashionable finery.
And when it’s time to get ready to head into work or out on the town, simply open a bedroom dresser drawer and there are your clothes – ready to answer the call. No matter what your fashion sense, know that it makes sense to keep them safe, sound and looking like new in a quality bedroom dresser from MartinsFurniture.

If you’ve ever done the morning ritual of hopping around your bedroom as you try to put on a pair of slacks or your socks and shoes, then you know how important it is to have a place to sit in your bedroom. Sure, you could sit on the edge of the bed. But if you have a significant other or want one, they wont be happy that you’re interrupting their shut eye just so you can get dressed to go to work or head out to the golf course.
Our line of bedroom stools solves this problem perfectly. With a bedroom stool, you don’t have to engage in “sleepus-interruptus”. Instead, you can use the stool for your attempts to attire without having to do that embarrassing morning hopping routine. Thank goodness your direct reports and/or boss can’t see you.

Even in a home with cavernous walk-in closets, there never seems to be enough room for all your attire. Fashion demands choice and that means you need more space for your beautiful outer and inner wear. Instead of knocking out a wall to add more closet space, why not add an attractive, stylish wardrobe to any room in your home. It’s like a closet you can take with you when you move to new quarters, whether it’s a trendy loft or an ultra-hip bachelor (or bachelorette) pad.
These stunning bedroom wardrobes offer plenty of square footage for all your clothing with enough unimpeded hanging space for shirts, skirts and blouses as well as additional wardrobe shelves for belts, shoes and boots. A wardrobe is your ticket to stylish furnishings that allow you to expand your passion for fashion beyond your bedroom closet.